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“Rotharium has shown that it can withstand any turbulence in the crypto market”

"Rotharium has shown that it can withstand any turbulence in the crypto market" (FOTO: zVg.)

Tomislav Matić founded the company “Crypto Future” in 2017 which was one of the first to create an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and just two years later he created a blockchain app for the management and tracking of food and the Rotharium cryptocurrency. In the KOSMO interview, Tomislav explains why his projects have been so successful and what he is planning for the near future.

KOSMO: In 2017 you founded “Crypto Future” which offers blockchain apps and IT and telecommunications services. Can you explain in more detail what a blockchain app is and which services your company offers?
Tomislav Matić: Blockchain apps are programs that are connected to the blockchain system. Installed on smartphones, they enable broad and simple use by a large number of users. Blockchain ecosystems are very complex and require great IT knowledge which is why their direct use is not possible for the majority of users. To avoid the difficulty of using it, apps for smartphones that have a simple interface have been created. The use of the application is no different from other apps, such as Instagram and Facebook. The connection to the blockchain system is integrated in such a way that the user does not have to be an expert in the field to use this technology. One such app is Rotharium Food which is available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store and can be used for food tracking.

Rotharium Food is an app for tracking the origin of food. How many manufacturers have used this app so far and where can it be found?
The blockchain technology itself is transparent, so we decided to make our projects completely transparent as well. All manufacturers who use the Rotharium Food App can be viewed at

Two years ago you created the Rotharium cryptocurrency which is characterized by decentralization and a stable blockchain system. Where Rotharium on the market today and how satisfied are you with its development?
Rotharium has proven over the past three and a half years that it can weather any turmoil in the crypto market and that it is a cryptocurrency that has not seen major declines. It has thus created a good basis for further development. Crypto Future, as the development organization of the Rotharium cryptocurrency, is constantly working on further projects for the use of the Rotharium cryptocurrency and thus on the further demand for the cryptocurrency itself. In the last few days we have added Rotharium to our own web shop where you can buy software or hardware. When completing the order, you can choose whether you want to pay by credit card, send money directly from your account or use the Rotharium. In the coming weeks, new projects and the Rotharium crypto currency will be launched on one of the 15 best crypto stock markets in the world.

What: cryptocurrency and one of the first blockchain projects in Austria
On the market since: 2017
Platform: Ethereum
Today’s price (July 9th): 1.2 EUR
Current CoinMarketCap ranking: 1193
Where to buy: From, Crypto Investments Slovakia, Bittrex Global, some decentralized ERC20 stock exchanges and Bitcoin-ATMs
What for: As a means of payment between companies and consumers

What other projects are you planning to start in the near future and where do you see Crypto Future in a few years?
As I have already mentioned, in a few days we will announce the next implementation of the Rotharium currency in the existing webshops and we are also working on a project to implement the Rotharium currency on cryptocurrency buying machines. Any projects that have already started and will go public in the coming weeks or months will add extra quality to the Rotharium cryptocurrency. In addition to these crypto projects, Crypto Future continues to develop in the area of ​​the implementation of standard IT systems and ERP systems from Microsoft – Microsoft Business Central. In a few years I see Crypto Future as the only company in Austria that is able to connect standard IT systems such as Office and ERP with the crypto world.

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