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Crypto Summer Talk

Crypto Summer Talk (FOTO: zVg.)

The corona crisis affected society on several levels. But in times of crisis, new perspectives also emerge. We spoke to Tomislav Matić, the developer of the Rotharium cryptocurrency, about the advantages of cryptocurrencies.

KOSMO: Last year, many did not go on vacation abroad due to Corona. How is it for you this year – have you already been on vacation?
Tomislav Matić: In my case it has less to do with Corona and more with demanding blockchain projects. As there are still some very exciting Rotharium projects to come in the next few months, I still have a vacation in Croatia ahead of me, where I will properly recharge the batteries.

Rotharium is already being used as a means of payment.

We have already reported on exciting projects of the company Crypto Future in the past. What new projects will be implemented after the summer?
We at Crypto Future have used the last few weeks very intensely for the preparatory work for the new projects with our crypto currency Rotharium. In most cases, the summer months are rather quiet months, which is why we always use them to prepare well for the time after summer so that we can start at full speed. Everything that has to do with cryptocurrencies has gained a lot of popularity again in the last few months.

Can you tell us which specific projects are involved?
We analyzed the crypto situation in Austria in the last half of the year and came to the conclusion that, although many people want to invest in crypto currencies, buying them is still very complex for them. That is why we are currently working with our partners to make our own crypro currency Rotharium as obtainable as possible for our customers. In the future, it should be as easy as withdrawing money from an ATM.

“We are working to make Rotharium as easy as possible for our customers to get.”

Tomislav Matić

That sounds really exciting, but what should people do with the Rotharium cryptocurrency if they have “simply” bought it. Can you just output it then?
The other projects, which are already being implemented, will make exactly that possible. That means – creating the possibility of exchanging the Rotharium cryptocurrency for other goods. In other words: at some point you would like to buy groceries, flowers or technical equipment and then you don’t need a credit card or cash. Instead you can exchange Rotharium for a new cell phone.

Crypto Future works with different partners so that Rotharium can be used in many areas of life. (PHOTO: provided)

When can i do that?
The possibility to exchange Rotharium for technical devices (laptop, desktop, computer, etc.) already exists in our own web shop. Further partners will join us in the next few months, so that Rotharium can be used not only in the technical area, but also in other areas of life. The integration tests are still running and therefore I don’t want to give any details about the dates yet, but it will definitely happen in 2021.

What: cryptocurrency and one of the first blockchain projects in Austria
On the market since: 2017
Platform: Ethereum
Today’s price (August 30th): 1.0 EUR
Current CoinMarketCap ranking: 1193
Where to buy: From, Crypto Investments Slovakia, Bittrex Global, some decentralized ERC20 stock exchanges and Bitcoin-ATMs
What for: As a means of payment between companies and consumers

Can you tell us the names of the companies / partners who will be using Rotharium?
Due to the precisely defined marketing strategy, I am not allowed to reveal any names yet, but I can assure you that the press departments of these well-known companies are already working on the formulation of the press releases. It is very important, in particular in the crypto sector, to let out the separate pieces of information in a coordinated manner in order to achieve the maximum effect.

Then I wish you a nice vacation and good luck with the projects.
Thank you very much!


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