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Austrian cryptocurrency Rotharium at the “Bittrex Global” platform available

Austrian cryptocurrency Rotharium at the "Bittrex Global" platform available (FOTO: zVg.)

The Austrian cryptocurrency Rotharium has again achieved new success – through collaboration with the trading platform Bittrex Global is Rotharium on this stock market for cryptocurrencies tradable from now on.

In 2017 Tomislav Matić founded the company “Crypto Future” which shortly thereafter became one of the few companies that successfully carried out an ICO – Initial Coin Offering. The Rotharium cryptocurrency was released at the ICO, which has already been traded on the Stex and Uniswap crypto exchanges. Rotharium has proved in the last three and a half years that it can withstand all turbulences of the crypto market and that it is a cryptocurrency that has not suffered major declines. Rotharium has thus created a good basis for further development.

Austrian cryptocurrency Rotharium soon available at Bitcoin ATMs

Crypto Future, as developer of the Rotharium cryptocurrency, is working constantly on other projects to improve its use and make it more accessible and more attractive to buy. One of the projects is for example the app “Rotharium Food”, that shows for every registered product in supermarkets where it comes from and how it was made.

What: cryptocurrency and one of the first blockchain projects in Austria
On the market since: 2017
Platform: Ethereum
Today’s price (October 6th): 2.8 EUR
Current CoinMarketCap ranking: 1001
Where to buy: From, Crypto Investments Slovakia, Bittrex Global, some decentralized ERC20 stock exchanges and Bitcoin-ATMs
What for: As a means of payment between companies and consumers

In September this year, the companies Crypto Future and Kurant GmbH finally joined forces to create great things for the cryptomarket: In addition to Bitcoins and Co. the Austrian cryptocurrency Rotharium will be added soon on the company’s Bitcoin machines. The last tests are already running. And it didn´t take long for the next step: to trade Rotharium on the Bittrex Global Platform.

“Rotharium has shown that it can withstand any turbulence in the crypto market”

“For the company Crypto Future, as the developer of the Rotharium token, it was important to find a secure and a strong crypto trading platform that also complies with European guidelines in dealing with cryptocurrencies. With the Bittrex Global exchange headquartered in Vaduz (Liechtenstein) a partner has been found who follows clear regulatory rules and is accessible to customers worldwide. Also, this platform is a very well-known and secure crypto trading platform. For projects like Rotharium it offers the ideal access to the international audience and has a variety of interesting projects listed so that the right trading pairs can be found for small and large traders. The collaboration with the trading platform Bittrex Global aims to make Rotharium even better known and make it accessible to even more buyers. However, this is just the beginning. Further major projects will be implemented this year. Stay tuned”, says the founder of Crypto Future and developer of Rotharium, Tomislav Matić.

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